HD Laboratories can help you effectively meet your ultrasonic inspection requirements.  Our services range from concept development and validation to development of complete inspection systems.  HD Laboratories’ president is Level III certified in Ultrasonic Testing by ASNT.  Some ultrasonic applications include:

      • Defect Detection and Sizing
      • Bond Testing
      • Thickness Gaging
      • Material Properties Measurement
      • Weld Inspection
      • High Power or Exotic Applications, 20 KHz to 20 MHz
      • Liquid Level Detection

Also, check out our developments in Ultrasonic Instrumentation as well as our work in ultrasonic Flexible Arrays and Guided Wave Inspection.

We have also developed compact, efficient systems for high-power ultrasound.   Applications include: 1) in-process cleaning of components or electrodes, 2) Sonochemistry, and 3) general agitation of fluids or suspensions.  An application is shown below.

Ultrasonic Power Transducers
Three 38 KHz power transducers mounted on the bottom of a processing tank.  This application is for processing sandblasting masks.
HD Laboratories developed a 1000-Volt peak-to-peak driver for these transducers.

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