HD Laboratories, Inc. is a Washington Corporation registered in 1986.  We are located just east of Seattle, Washington.  Our specialties include: 

      • NDT Methods and Systems 
      • General Purpose Instrumentation
      • Electronic Devices. 

We offer conception, design and prototype development. Some of our NDT instrument work includes ultrasonic pulsers, preamps, and high-power pulsers for EMAT (Electromagnetic-Acoustic Transducer) ultrasonic testing.

Some recent projects include:

  • A coating-inspection system for buried pipes
  • Flexible ultrasonic array systems for:
    • NDT of aerospace composites
    • NDT of tank armor composites
    • Medical diagnostics
  • A portable ultrasonic testing instrument
  • An ultrasonic tomography system for imaging wall thickness
  • High-power ultrasound systems
  • Eddy Current tests for:
    • Advanced sorting (coin sorting and land-mine detection)
    • Forensic inspection of high voltage switchgear
    • Tubing inspection

Our customer list includes:

      • The Quest Companies
      • U. S. Naval Air Warfare Center
      • U. S. Department of Transportation
      • Boeing Phantom Works
      • Saudi Arabian Oil Company
      • Department of the Army
      • National Medical Technology Testbed
      • Electric Power Research Institute
      • Thomas and Betts Corporation
      • Water Tectonics
      • Sigma Instruments, Inc.
      • Applied Precision
      • Automated Inspection Systems
      • Northwest Research Associates
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