Our SonoFlexTM array units can be dry-coupled to either flat or contoured objects for rapid inspection.  Images are produced by electronically scanning the array.  Image formats include: 1) C-Scans (plan views) of either amplitude or thickness, and 2) B-Scans (elevation views).   Potential applications include:

      • Composites Inspection:
        • Delamination
        • Matrix cracking
        • General impact damage
        • Ply count and sheet thickness
      • Detection of thickness, bond quality and corrosion in metals
      • Erosion-corrosion imaging in piping

The arrays shown in our web page banner (above) are expanded below for greater clarity.  Also shown are a typical B-Scan and C-Scan.   Field Applications and  System Details sections follow.  

Flexible Array
An 8 X 8 inch Flexible Array
Flexible Medical Array
A 2 X 8 inch flexible array system for medical applications
C and B-Scans  from a tapered rectangular slot machined into a test plate.  (Intensity of the C-Scan is proportional to amplitude.)


Inspecting the fuselage of a 737 aircraft using an 8 X 8 inch array
Aircraft Inspection

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A complete array system consists of a SonoFlexTM ultrasonic array and an HD-ScanTM  array operating system.  The HD-ScanTM system includes a portable computer, software,  ultrasonic electronics and an array controller.  Components are shown below.

FlexRay Computer
Array system computer
HDScan Interface
 Array Controller

Standard array sizes are 2, 4 or 8 inches per side, and they are available in either rectangular or square shapes.  Element spacing is 1/4 inch, resulting in 256 elements for an 8 X 8 inch array.  The arrays were produced by Sigma Transducers, Inc.

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