HD Laboratories can help you effectively get on line with eddy current or other electromagnetic NDT applications.  We can both:  1) develop eddy current test methods and probes for your application, and 2) recommend or develop  eddy current instruments.   Our president is Level III certified in Eddy Current Testing by ASNT.  Potential applications include:

      • Flaw Detection and Sizing
      • Wall Thickness Gauging
      • Coating Thickness Gauging
      • Displacement Gauging
      • Tubing Inspection
      • Component Sorting
      • Material Properties Measurement
        • Electrical Conductivity
        • Magnetic Permeability

Multiple frequency eddy current methods can be utilized to extract information of interest from otherwise noisy data.  An example is the suppression of both probe wobble and tube support interference during tubing inspection:

Single Frequency Eddy Current
Single-frequency data from a calibration tube with a steel tube support
Multifrequency Eddy Current
Three-frequency data with support and wobble indications eliminated
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